When two weeks just isn't enough....If you're hoping to take an extended getaway, but are daunted by the finer details, we're here to help. Designing tailor-made sabbatical trips has become one of our specialties. You may want to embark on a round-the-world adventure, or base yourself in one place for several months. It's your task to take the time off, slow down, and immerse yourself in a foreign culture. We'll help you figure out where to go and how to get the most out of the experience. Please contact us to find out more about Quench Sabbaticals.

We absolutely love our house and this village.. can’t believe we get to live here for 6 weeks! Even though I know we will love our next stop, I am already sad at the thought of leaving. We found the grocery store and made ourselves understood at the cafe this morning. The kids have made friends with the kids in one of the other rental houses nearby, so they are happy going back and forth between pools. We look forward to our cooking class tomorrow so that we can start using this amazing “home-grown” olive oil! So far it’s all just wonderful and no crowds for miles.. seriously, pinch me! Thank you!
— A. & R. Duncan, Toronto
We have loved Portugal as much as you thought we would. Now after our first 4 weeks on the road here and in the Netherlands, we are trying to take it easy... but the fish market, the beaches, the people here.... All amazing! We did a yoga class and had great massages too. Today we took a quick trip over to Sevilla to find the house I lived in 49 years ago as a student. Still such a gorgeous city. Off to Oslo tomorrow and the fun-filled last weeks in Scandinavia. We have our second wind now!! You have changed our lives!!!! Can’t thank you enough!
— M. & K. Neumann, Michigan
We had a great time away, and we are slowly getting settled back into our routines; not so easy after being away for so long! Thanks again for all of your planning - we certainly could not have put together such a great trip and one that was so well organized on our own. We will definitely recommend your services to our friends, and hopefully in the not too long future, we may be able to plan something again ourselves.
— L. & D. Campbell, Toronto