Quench Moments: The Dooher Family

We caught up with traveller Lisa Dooher after her family’s recent Icelandic trip to celebrate her son’s 16th birthday. We learned a few new uses for Banagrams tiles, and that the Doohers’ mountaineering experience already has the family longing for more Quench-designed adventures.


1) How would you describe your travel style or philosophy?
We never go on a trip with any preconceived notions.  We like to roll with whatever happens.We have three strict rules that we apply to our vacations.  No budgeting. No dieting. No fighting. It makes the reality of coming back home hard, but makes the time away magical.

2) What were some of your favourite 'Quench Moments’ (those extra special moments during your travels)?
It's hard to pinpoint our favourite Quench moment as we found beauty in them all. Mountaineering on the glacier was a real highlight and one that left us in wonder, and longing to be back.  

3) What packing item did you use the most or wish you had brought on your trip?
As a rule, I travel light and insist my family do the same.  We bring the essentials with understanding that as long as we have a credit card we can find what we need.  Not the case in Iceland.  My family likes to play poker so we made sure we packed a deck of cards.  We did not lug poker chips as we assumed we could pick some up along the way.  They were impossible to find in Iceland as they are not gamblers.  Our fabulous guide even scoured the city for us. Fortunately we packed our Bananagrams tiles  so they doubled as poker chips (along with peanuts, toiletries and pringles).    So we used the Banagrams the most, but wished we had packed our poker chips!  

4) What would you say to anyone who is considering working with a custom trip planner?
Do it - you will not regret it.  

5) What do you consider the most important benefit of working with Quench?
I really appreciated the ease of working with Quench.  I spent the time up front explaining the kinds of travellers we are and the experience we wanted for my son’s 16th birthday.  Quench designed an amazing package for us, however the day after our arrival the weather forced our agenda to be tossed into the hurricane force winds.  I have no doubt that there was much juggling and behind the scenes work done on our behalf, but it was seamless.  We never once felt any stress and our amazing Icelandic guide Kristjan ensured each day was filled with beauty and wonder.  So the benefit?  Quench made it all easy.

6) How would you sum up your Quench travel experience in one sentence?
Our experience with Quench was beyond our expectations.  We have had some pretty fabulous vacations and moments as a family, but not one of them has stuck with us like this one. 


Active holidays are becoming increasingly popular with everyone from the adrenalin-rushing cycling crowd to the meditative yogis of the world looking to challenge themselves in a new and exciting environment. If you’re craving a bit of adventure or prefer taking the scenic route and exploring a new country on your own two feet, check out Quench’s top five awe-inspiring active trip ideas for your next group getaway.

1 Hike Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.
A diverse terrain that stretches 2400 km across the top of Africa, the Atlas Mountains are a hiking group’s dream. With charming villages along the way that offer local, authentic food and accommodations, the Atlas Mountains provide the perfect mix of an active holiday with vibrant cultural experiences. Relax at the end of your travels as Quench sets your group up in Morocco’s most luxurious riads, a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior courtyard. Quench can also arrange a starlit dinner in the desert, an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

2 Run through the French countryside.
Grab your running group, tie your laces extra tight and set off on a scenic trip through the back roads of France’s beautiful countryside. The days will whizz by as you and your running mates take in the colourful landscapes of burgundy-hued vineyards and aromatic lavender fields. For a tailor-made trip that is chockfull with #QuenchMoments, let Quench fill in the stops with wine tastings at local vineyards, lunch at quaint family-restaurants and comfortable stays in French chateaus.

3 Channel your inner yogi in India.
What better way to reward your studio’s yoga teachers than with a custom trip to the country where it all began? Whether your group is looking to learn from a world-renowned master at a five-star retreat or take on a stricter practice at basic dwellings that require a vow of silence, Quench takes care of all the details so all you need to do is focus on perfecting your downward dog.   

4 Cycle the Scottish Highlands.
There are few places more rugged and dramatically beautiful than the Scottish Highlands - so why not explore the region’s mountainous terrain on two wheels? With a diverse landscape that caters to both amateur and advanced cycling groups alike, travellers can enjoy quiet countryside rides or take on the challenging cliff-top paths. Quench can set you up with Scotland’s most qualified guides, who will steer you along on the best trails and make sure each day ends with a little tipple of the local whiskey.

5 Scuba dive in the Galapagos Islands.
For underwater adventurers looking to get closer to colourful marine life, there really is nowhere on earth like the Galapagos Islands. Government-protected and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos is home to sea turtles, sharks, penguins, sea lions and more. Ecuador is the perfect destination for diving buddies, scuba clubs, and environmental companies looking to reward their top employees!


Looking for more inspiration? Call or email the Quench team to build your dream active holiday!